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Frontier Stove

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Lightweight, portable and easy to assemble.
Great for cooking and heating.
Woodburner no need for gas cannister

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The Frontier stove is a portable log burner that was originally designed for use as humanitarian aid. As this was its original intent it was designed to be both lightweight and compact as well as being very durable. When it is being stored or transported the flue sections can be packed away and stored inside its belly. It also has a handle on its side to make transporting it even easier. With a pack size of 49cm x 28cm x 29cm and a weight of only 12kg, you really can take anywhere you want to. Next time you decide to cook tea on the beach you will be the envy of everyone barbecuing burnt sausages when you are cooking a feast on your Frontier Stove. It is also 10 times more fuel efficient than an open fire, and the long flue helps transport the smoke away from you so that you won’t breath it in. Around one third of the world’s population still cook on solid fuel and breathing in these toxic fumes on a daily basis is a real problem. That is why we designed the flue to have a height of 2.41m, to make it safer to cook on. The fact that it has a long flue also makes it ideal for being installed in fire retardant shelters such as Tipis, Bell Tents, Yurts and even sheds! We sell flashing kits so that it can correctly be installed with the flue going out the roof of the shelter. This means that the Frontier Stove can be utilised for heating as well as cooking. Our C.O.F.T. (Controlled Open Flamed Technology) means that the Frontier Stove is fantastic to cook on. There is room for a couple of pans on top of the stove, and you can even remove the hot plate cover so the open flames can lick the bottom of the pot, meaning you have more control over the heat when cooking. We have made an extensive range of accessories for the stove to help you make the most out of it, including a water heater that fits on the flue and a spark arrestor to catch any stray embers.
Lightweight, portable and easy to assemble.
Great for cooking and heating.
Woodburner no need for gas cannister
Adjustable flue damper.
Can be retro fitted into canvas tents.

















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