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Satgear Portable 48cm Satellite Dish Kit with Satfinder Meter and Tripod

£64.95 (as of January 31, 2017, 5:31 pm)

MK4 Raven Dish (Zone 1)
10metres of satellite coax cable and connectors
SKY Single LNB

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Satgear NK43 43cm Satellite Dish Kit with Single LNB and Compact Aluminium Tripod, Satfinder and Cables – ideal for camping or caravan trips. This is a top quality compact satellite dish and tripod kit to receive satellite channels using your own receiver and TV. It contains everything you need to get started. Ideal for caravanning and camping trips when you have your own Sky or Freesat box. This kit includes a Zone 1 dish, which will work throughout England, Wales and Southern Scotland for TV channels from the Astra 2 satellites (for UK Free to Air and SKY channels). It is not designed for use in Northern Scotland or Ireland, which would require one of our 65cm Portable Satellite Kits. You can also use it to get overseas channels from other satellites. The kit includes: 45cm Top Quality MK4 Zone 1 Satellite Dish Sky Quad LNB Satfinder meter with connecting cable 10m high quality satellite coax cable with fitted connectors Strong compact aluminium satellite tripod with pegs for ground fixing if required Full Netgadgets satellite alignment instructions The dish is a very high quality, Raven Sky zone 1 dish with a tripod mounting for very easy setup and satellite alignment. The dish is small and perforated, so it has a low wind profile making it ideal for mounting on our compact tripod for a discrete satellite setup. The tripod is collapsible and very solid when erected. It is a purpose-designed compact aluminium satellite tripod. It has a specially designed neck to allow unrestricted rotation of the satellite dish independent of the base, so it’s easy to line up the dish, then tighten the head. It also has holes and pegs for anchoring it to the ground. In its closed position the tripod is 54cm long x 12cm wide, so easily packed. When erected the tripod stands 80cm high with a base width of 85cm – the completed kit is 90cm high, so it is very discrete and has a low centre of gravity.
MK4 Raven Dish (Zone 1)
10metres of satellite coax cable and connectors
SKY Single LNB
Aluminium satellite tripod
Satfinder meter with connecting cable













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